Print Market Customer Reviews

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  • by SH Zh***
    18 August
    Quality is good and person to liaise with was very responsive. Some hiccups on the delivery but in all, the product and service were good.
  • by Eshi ***
    17 August
    Great work! Made my 2nd order already! ❤
  • by Ashly***
    13 August
    Thankful for the extra stickers. Stickers were nicely printed as what I wanted. Greatly appreciated that I received before the expected date! Thank you so much.
  • by G L***
    10 August
    My first order was a very smooth and pleasant experience. Very responsive and helpful staffs. I received my stickers within 3 days upon placed order. Nice printing! Definitely will come back for repeat order in future. Highly recommended!
  • by G L***
    10 August
    it's my 2nd time ordering from Print Market. this time, i placed two orders at once (for my auntie and myself). still happy with the quality. price is affordable. prompt responses from Alexia who has been assisting since my 1st order. definitely will come back to print more stickers soon.
  • by Amber***
    3 August
    Hi! Thank you for the prompt production and delivery, however, the text on 1 side of the cards were slightly off center. Nonetheless, I'm satisfied with quality and promptness. Thank you!
  • by haily***
    29 July
    Not my first time ordering from them. The cards is so nicely done. Will definitely order from them more. One of the lowest price you can get with good quality products. Thank you!
  • by Juliy***
    27 July
    Definitely a go to place for any printing - fast, efficient and money saving! the service are awesome too - thank you for assisting us alot!
  • by Jeffr***
    16 July
    Experience with Print Market has always been great. Print quality and cutting (for foamboard) is always good. Special mention to Alexia who helped with many questions and also troubleshooting some minor issues. But overall, a pleasant experience. A* for Alexia and PrintMarket.
  • by Rebek***
    7 July
    5* for customer service, Alexia from the team was very patient to wait on several iterations of my design which I did wrongly a few times. Print quality and paper quality is pretty good. For the finishing, I feel the wire spine was a bit flimsy and thin. Also due to the packaging, the laminate came off a bit along the side of one of the book's back cover. Price wise since I only printed 5 books, it's a bit expensive, but should be much more affordable when printed in bulk.