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  • by PRISC***
    1 December
    fast & efficient, really outdone my expectations, staff will also msg us to clarify before printing~!
  • by Mochi***
    30 November
    submitted an enquiry but have yet to receive a response
  • by Dev L***
    16 November
    Helpful advice and guidance provided by the website when submitting order, very pleased with the result!
  • by Alvin***
    16 November
    the whole process was quick and simple
  • by Vanes***
    15 September
    Unpleasant and horrible experience. Company messed the printing of my stickers - words were smudged off and not printed but yet they tried to blame it on my artwork. FYI, my artwork met all the requirements needed in terms of quality. I have used the same artwork and printed it elsewhere and they turned out great with no complaints of quality issues. Reached out to their CS and after much discussion, they offered to send me a new batch of stickers. Second batch of stickers came and they messed it up as well. New issues arose such as colour difference and multiple shades of colour which was not even present in my artwork and in the first batch of stickers received. Quality was bad as well. It is clear that no quality checks were done before the stickers were sent out. The bare minimum standards can’t even be met as a printing company. Reached out to their CS once again and was informed that a refund will be offered. Also requested me to mail the stickers back to them, which I did promptly (i.e. the next day). It’s been 2 weeks and yet my refund has not been processed. No updates given in between and it was only until I reached out for an update that the CS replied that she will check with the finance team. 2 days later and no updates from her. Experience was extremely frustrating and honestly, by far the worst experience I’ve ever had with a printing company. Not recommended at all and I hope to never use this service again.
  • by Enqui***
    13 September
    fuss free process. easy communications
  • by Chery***
    7 September
    great service and quality, definitely recommneded
  • by Hijab***
    22 August
    I must say that the customer services & aftersales services are superb. They really tried their best. But the paper products thou, not that good. Even though with the free re-dos, still not good.
  • by G L***
    20 August
    it's my 3rd order. ordered during promo. very good deal and no matter how good the deal is - they are still very generous to give extra stickers. nice printing. prompt responses from Alexia as always. i have recommended to some friends whom also need printing service.
  • by L Jos***
    18 August
    Very good professional job